Self Clear pregnancy test

The Self Clear pregnancy test is the only test on the market that detects pregnancy as early as 5 days after possible conception.
Available in packaging with 1 tests.

  • with a sensitivity of 10 mlU/ml
  • 100% accurate
  • certified to European Union standard CE 0197


Comparison of Self Clear with other test

The notable difference between Self ClearTM and other pregnancy tests is that it uses the date of possible conception, which is a tangible and known fact, as a point of reference, rather than a late period, which is variable and can be influenced by any number of factors.

Questions and Answers

  1. On which day of my cycle am I most Likely to conceive?

– The most fertile days are when ovulation occurs (and 1 or 2 days before and after ovulation), about 14 days before the next period. When a woman has an irregular cycle, it is difficult to predict when ovulation might occur. Now it is possible to predict fertile periods using the Life ControlΤΜ ovulation predictor test (ask your pharmacist for more information).

  1. What is the test and how does it work?

– The pregnancy test is a safe and easy way to find out if you are pregnant. The test detects the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) hormone in the body as it becomes more concentrated during pregnancy. The test is easy to use at any time of day.

  1. When can I take pregnancy test? When my period is late or earlier?

– With the new-generation Self ClearΤΜ pregnancy test, you can find out if you are pregnant much sooner than with any other test available on the Greek market. You can take the test as early as the 5th day after conception, and it is not necessary to wait until a period has been late for a few days. In other words, about 10 days earlier.

  1. I have an irregular cycle. Can I take the pregnancy test and get reliable results?

– Self ClearΤΜ is for all women, regardless of whether they have a regular cycle or not. You do not need to calculate the cycles of the last few months, or wait several days to take the test; you wait only 5 days after conception, as this test is the only one that counts days from conception and not from the lateness of a period. That is the main difference from other tests.

  1. Why does the Self Clear new-generation pregnancy test provide reliable results much earlier than other tests?

– The early days of pregnancy, the concentration of hCG hormone in the body is much lower and gradually increases during pregnancy. On about the 5th day after conception, the level of this hormone is 10 mlU/ml. Self ClearΤΜ is the only pregnancy test in the world that measures hCG hormone at 10 mlU/ml, while others detect it when levels rise to 25 mlU/ml. This means that another 10 days must pass before hormone levels rise to detectable levels. Self ClearΤΜis a scientific, clinically tested product that gives you an answer within a minute with 100% accuracy.

6. Why should I find out as soon as possible whether I am pregnant?

– The timely and prompt confirmation of pregnancy means women can begin their prenatal care earlier and adjust their way of life appropriately to avoid exposure to risks that could prove fatal.