Easylax microenema 3g

Easylax  microenema 3g


Active components – glycerine 2,25g

Additional components – wheat starch 0,02g, liquid extract Marshmallow 0,1g, liquid extract and chamomile 0,1g purified water.

Why Easylax microenema?

Because the increased volume of liquid (glycerin) causes a rapid expansion in the lower intestinal tract, resulting in strong peristalsis and urge to defecate, it relaxes and dilutes the capital, which facilitates its evacuation.

The liquid extract of chamomile acts:

  • antiflogistichki
  • antiseptic
  • antinflammatory

Mucus in liquid extracts of marshmallow act:

  • emollient
  • increases moisture lining

Use: It is used as a means of purification


1 to 2 units in 24 hours for children.

2 units in 24 hours for adults.