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Marti Alko was founded by Liljana Jovanova and Mitko Achevski in 1994. It has always been our dream to have a pharmaceutical wholesaler company who distribute in Macedonian market world pharmaceutical brands.

Thanks to our work, and our partners who support us and give us the rights to be MAH for their brands, our story began.

Today we are proud what this company has become. It is a dynamic and fast growing company rich in accomplishments with a proven track record of success in distribution of medicines that make a difference to people’s health.

The activity of Marti Alko is centered on marketing, promotion and distribution of pharmaceutical products in Macedonia. We are focused on the brands that we have exclusive rights for Macedonia.

The products that Marti Alko distributes enable people to benefit from accessible, added value self-care solutions and effective therapeutic options and services that improves their lives.

We have a long term experience of pharmaceutical business in Macedonia and through all this years we have developed a very good network and strategy for marketing, promotion and distribution of pharmaceutical products.

We are constantly looking for new partners and new pharmaceutical brands that we can represents in Macedonia. We are looking for partners who have innovative pharmaceutical products, covering the daily, general and specific needs of modern people.

In order to achieve this, we offer to ours partners all our experience and strategy for marketing, promotion and distribution of pharmaceutical products.

Our long-standing continuous partnership, with our partners from Europe, speaks of our commitment for the brands that we have exclusive rights.

Our aim is to continue our partnership with our currently partners and to extend our partnership with new innovative pharmaceutical companies.

Our vision from the years ahead is to become one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical wholesaler company in Macedonia, empowering people in Macedonia to improve their lives by distribution of innovative pharmaceutical products.

Continuing our corporate heritage, we strive to become a well establishment pharmaceutical wholesaler in Macedonia with leading pharmaceutical brands that improve people’s quality of life.